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So i've been at this for a couple of hours, and i could just be stupid but here's my question.

When i use an alpha, and stamp it on my model then change the height bar to add depth to it. How do i get it to show up on my normal map?

When you export your textures anything in your Height channel will actually be put into your normal map. You can test this by exporting or just viewing:

If you actually want to edit it as normal information just use the Height to Normal filter.
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When i use a hard surface stamp in exports fine with normal data and when i use a alpha stamp i can see it in the height+normal+mesh but after i export it and look at my normal map my alpha stamps aren't there. This could be caused by my export setting so what settings/preset should i use?

(sorry for bad english its not my first language)

Can you make a project with a cube, and stamp using one of the provided alpha stamps in your height and export out, then check. If you still don't see it after exporting please save your file (.spp) and upload it somewhere online and I'll take a look.
I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)

So i tried rendering again with no luck, i'm probably doing something wrong but i'm pretty new to SP so i'm sorry for the inconvenience.

I checked your project and it looks fine. If you're rendering out with Metal Roughness you can export using that template. If you need opengl just duplicate the template in your export view and swap the directx for opengl.

With your current export setting for doc channels it works fine:



OpenGL Normal Map:

Based on your export setting you're asking for your channels + mesh maps so the other normal map represents your Mesh Map slot (this is what comes from baking) so of course it will be blank.

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I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)

Sorry for the late reply but it worked thank you so much.  :)