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Are you confused by the state of the world, technology, the environment, and just about everything else? Then it might be a relief to know you%u2019re not alone.
Carl and Harry thought they understood the world outside. But now it%u2019s evolving faster than they are. Their local London pub offers them sanctuary, a pint, and a place to share their confusion.
Welcome to Pint Size Chat.

The English pub. A home from home. A safe place to meet with old friends, share your thoughts, and air how utterly confused you are with just about everything.

Pint Size Chat - Episode 1: "Water"
Harry is making an effort to save water. Carl thinks his theories are a bit leaky.

Substance Painter was an incredibly important tool in creating the wide variety of materials needed for this show. Being able to save a library of materials for style consistency, and then being able to tweak those materials as needed made the whole process very efficient.

Carl: "Harry is a multi-faceted enigma, but if I were to sum him up in a single word, it would be 'biscuits'."

Harry. Effortlessly convincing. Impressively uninformed.

Everyone should have some Pint Size Chat to lean on.

You can catch up on more of Carl and Harry's confusion and see their latest videos over on their website:
Pint Size Chat Website

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