Author Topic: Substance source, so many broken downloads.  (Read 1279 times)

I cannot find a downloadable hardwood floor design that will actually download on Source. I've tried probably 10x of them and none will download. Is this a problem for anyone else? Is it my antivirus/firewall?

Adobe technical support doesn't even know the name Substance. All they ask is which version of Photoshop I am having problems with repeatedly, even though I explained that Adobe owns Substance.
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I couldn't even find that material in the source catalog.

Are you able to link that resource from the source site at all?
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I wasn't using the site. I was using the app Substance Launcher.

The substance names are not accurate usually. You download a file named for example Raw Grey Concrete and then the actual sbsar file is named Concrete_Raw_Grey.sbsar.
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Hi Ian,
I wasn't able to reproduce this bug but we will continue to investigate. Is this issue still occurring?
If so, if you can export and post a log file, it could help us track down the issue and provide a solution.
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