Author Topic: Seams Appear with Mask  (Read 558 times)

Hi all,

Whenever I place a mask on my mesh, I get these hard seams where I had cut the UV. I've spent the better part of my weekend looking for answers and I'm really stumped here!

  • This is a low poly sculpt from Blender, imported into SP, and baked with a high poly version.
  • I've tried trilinear projection with no success
  • I've baked it a few times now with a few different settings. The seams appear on the normal, roughness, and curvature maps. No luck.
  • I've seen someone take the maps into Photoshop, edit, and re-import them, but I'm trying to avoid that. It seems inefficient...

Any input is much appreciated. I've included reference images below.

Edit: I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place. I assume it's a baking issue, but could be completely wrong.  :-[

One of the culprits. There are a few instances of this on the whole model

This issue does not occur when manually painting over the area

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