Author Topic: Can't Open Alchemist Because Bug Report is Blocking Access to Activation Wizard  (Read 2038 times)

...even though Alchemist did not crash upon closing as it is telling me, and even though I should not have to use the Activation Wizard because the Allegorithmic site indicates that I'm current on my subscription.  Baptiste, please help me get past this issue quickly.  I am in heavy production with Alchemist right now and can't even open it.  Thanks.

Underlying problem is not solved, but I got around this issue by opening Task Manager and choosing "Bring to Front" for the Activation Manager.  This brought it to the front so that I could sign in and get past the frozen, screen-hogging Bug Report dialog.

Baptiste, is there a way to prevent this from happening again?  I don't understand why I continue to get a Bug Report dialog every time I open Alchemist even though it did not crash upon closing.


Can you delete the content of the following folder: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Allegorithmic\Substance Alchemist\Crashpad

The crash report should not appear anymore.

Substance Alchemist Product Manager

Deleting the contents of the Crashpad folder took care of the problem for the first opening of Alchemist, but the problem returned as soon as I opened Alchemist a second time.

Happy holidays to you and the entire Substance gang, Baptiste!