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working on a couple of assets for a sci fi scene learning from wess' tutorials! lemme know what you guys think

These are looking great. :) I love these types of models, substance really does good for texturing.

A couple critiques;

1. The edges on the first image to the left look wavy, is this still that triangle normal problem you had earlier?

2. The grunge at the base should be split up by some more scratches on the edges or some type of trim. If you look in life, grunge doesn't evenly distribute up like you have it. Maybe have 2-3 types of grunge layered as you go up the model at the base.

Just friendly suggestions.


hey man thanks for the words of advise,

really appreciate the critique, its exactly the type of info and feed back im after :). in regards to the wavy lines yea thats due to the triangulated mesh i have fixed the problem but accidentally uploaded that one. will update that! your info on grunge and the scratches was awesome, going to integrate that in the next asset for this environment scene. Thanks for the kind words and critique