Author Topic: importing UDIM maps from zbrush  (Read 1173 times)

Workflow question: Is it possible to import textures from zbrush (like a displacement map or ao) that have a UDIM set and assign them to a single material? I tried importing resources as textures and was not successful.

It's simple enough to pick 1 texture file, and then assign it as a texture in the import resource window. This imports only the selected file. If you select the entire UDIM set, it only recognizes the textures as separate elements. How can you import a UDIM set from zbrush to then assign it as textures in a fill layer?

If the maps have the proper naming such as .1001 .1002 at the end they will import fine.
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I see, it's a naming problem. How do you get Zbrush to change the UV name? They have a different naming convention than Substance, which breaks the workflow. As far as I know, you cannot get zbrush to export them properly, you have to manually change the names?

I musn't be the only one trying to get textures from zbrush into Substance...
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