Author Topic: Tessellation material is noisy and spiky when rendering in 3D View  (Read 634 times)

Hi everyone,

I'm currently working through the Substance Designer tutorial and I'm noticing that my texture appears much more noisy and the height is spiky and inconsistent, not as smooth as the texture that appears in the video. Here is a photo of my current texture rendered in the 3D view with a tessellation material on a high quality plane:

For comparison, here is the texture as it appears in the tutorial at this stage:

I have followed the instructions very carefully and ensured all my nodes share the same parameter values as those in the tutorial (Material properties: scale @ 20, tessellation factor @ 4). At first I thought the bit depth was the reason for the poor rendering quality so I manually adjusted nodes in my graph to be 16 bit, but to no avail as that was unsuccessful. I also tried to use a high quality blur node to smooth out the noise in my maps as well as adjust them with level and curve nodes but that did not fix the rendering issue either. I was at a loss and decided to open up the finished designer project file in order to compare the final graph with my own, but when I went to open the file, the finished material had the same issue as my own material. Here is a photo for reference:

I'm not sure what to believe might be the cause for this. I'm using Designer 2019.3.2 and I can't find anything relating to this issue in other forums. Any help would be appreciated as I'm very stuck and can't progress any further. Thanks in advance!