Author Topic: Values not working from node to graph since 2019.3  (Read 6154 times)


I'm having a huge issue where my graph is rendered completely useless since the last update.
A description of the problem.

Since the update to 2019.3, my graphs using values (integer,float etc) don't work anymore.
I've noticed that using a value node directly inside the graph does work, but as soon as I output that value to another graph, nothing happens (like if it were 0 or wrong type)
I've also noticed upon converting my graph from 2019.2.3 to 2019.3.0 that some values are defined as wrong type!

Here's a screenshot:

When cooking the .sbs to .sbsar I also get errors like this, that are related to the issue:

                          [ERROR][SBSCooker]Input value connection type mismatch:
                                Variable Name: #TileValue
                                Of Type: Float
                                Accessed By: Get Integer
                                While Evaluating Parameter: numberadded
                                In Graph: pkg:///Color_node?dependency=1359465090

here you can see that #TileValue which is supposed to be of type integer (and is connected as integer!) is suddenly mistaken for a float...

Another example of the issue :

here, I have Weave_patterns output being an integer of value 640. If I plug all my links to it, I get nothing to work in my 3D view. However, if I create an input with the exact same value, no problem!

Can you guys look this up? because it's really worrysome :/ and I can't read the .sbs on 2018.2.3 anymore


I realize this post is now over a year old but was this issue ever addressed? I am currently running SD 2020.1.3 (10.1.3) and am encountering this same issue.

As described by jhon117x, I can use a value node inside one graph but if I output that value and nest the first graph into a second graph, the value being output does not evaluate correctly. Strangely, if I double click the value output from the nested graph the preview window will display the correct value, but that value does not appear to be remain in tact when passing it to a custom function in another node.

As jhon117x expressed, this is very worrisome as well as hugely frustrating. Any information or suggested workarounds would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
Technical Artist - Netherrealm Studios

Hello Keith,

Thank you for reporting this issue, and our apologies to @jhon117x for not providing a response to his original report at the time.

@Keith Beu can you share an SBS package demonstrating the issue? Feel free to send it out to me in DM if you would rather not share it publicly.

For your information, one of the most common cases of the 0 value being read from a seemingly functioning Value processor node is using the Value processor's output to drive a parameter which cannot be dynamic – e.g. Blend node's Blending mode, Tile Generator's Pattern, etc.

The Value processor's data output is always treated as dynamic by the Substance engine. This is an integral part of their implementation and cannot be easily changed.

I am happy to investigate this further by taking a look at your graph. I appreciate your patience!

Best regards,
QA Analyst
Substance Designer Team