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Well I couldn't resist being the first to post in a brand new forum section.

So hello to all iClone user's.

Being a Modo user I know Wes McDermott looks after us Modo folks very well.  It would be nice if whoever from allegorithmic is assigned to keeping iClone users updated would be good enough to say Hi at some point.

In the meantime I wish everyone especially allegorithmic staff for their awesome products all the best for a brand new 2015.  Only  a couple of days from now folks.

All the best

Alan Marques
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Alan M

Hi Alan :)

This thread is a great idea, and we will indeed let people know about updates there.

Head of Product Management

Thanks Nicolas,

Happy New Year.

Alan M.
Alan M

I wish I had noticed this earlier.

I'm an iClone user, and I enjoy using it to tell stories and make little short movies.  I also spend a lot of time just dabbling with it and not doing anything specific, but it's a fun hobby.

I immediately feel in love with Substance Painter, and bought the Indie Pack.  I have yet to actually create my own substances with Substance Designer, but I continue to plan on at least trying my hand at it some day.

The recent release (last December) of iClone 6 included support for substances.  They have yet to incorporate a PBR shader into the product, though it should be coming in a 6.x update eventually.

Thank you for the warm welcome.
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Hi justaviking!!

Well the hope is more of us will appear here.  As mentioned I use all of Allegorithmic's products anyway.  They have an awesome pricing structure for us indie's and just see the new posting about raising the indie annual earnings limit to 100,000 euros.  Amazing company.    Also Reallusion have a sweet deal on Substance Designer+B2M+200 substances for $99.  Can't say fairer than that.

Damn, I sound like a sales Rep.  I will go get my coat!!

Here is some iClone6/Indigo fun I have been working on.


Alan M.
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Alan M

Those shots look mighty impressive! I like the city flyover one best, it would be very interesting to walk around in there haha. Cheers!

Nice images Alan.

Thanks for the welcome and inspiration. Since I've yet to even get started on iClone, despite purchasing Substance Designer, I feel like I have jet-packs but won't get around to using them for some time. I'll have to live my CG dreams through your adventures for now.