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I pay every month and use a subscription source. However, I am sad because I have to download sauces that are often unusable.
I don't know the cause and I took a screenshot of a file that I couldn't open, and I posted it.
Please check what problem I'm missing and if it's not a problem with the substance source.
 - i use the substance painter 2018.3.1version and a substance launcher
I hope you can resolve it as soon as possible.

 [EngineProcedural] Failed to decode Substance.

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These materials were created in a version of Substance Designer using features which did not exist two years ago at the moment of the release of the version of Painter you are using.

Do you have the possibility to upgrade the version of Painter you are using as you have access to the latest version with your subscription?

In case you can't upgrade you could export the maps of the materials you like using the latest version of the free Substance Player and use directly the texture maps. You would lose the procedural element from the materials, but you would be able to tweak the parameters in the player before so you have exactly the result you want
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