Author Topic: Normal maps don't work with legacy UV Tile Workflow  (Read 724 times)

I have big problem with new Substance Painter 2020. I used previous versions and everything was ok. Now we have new option for UV tile (UDIM), and we can paint across UDIMS. But if I would like to use previous (legacy) settings, then there is a problem with imported normal maps.
Here is an explanation:

For example, I have a model of the box, and imported it to SP with new UV Tile workflow (painting across UDIMs)

The box has 4 UDIMs, 3 UDIMs for 3 separate sides, and 4th UDIM for rest of the sides

Now I'm importing normal maps, and they has been imported as one pack (there is a thumbnail with a number of normal maps)

When I put it into Normal Map slot to bake Mesh Maps, then I can see all maps matched to every UDIM - everything works fine.

Something is different when I use legacy workflow

When I use pack of imported normal maps for first UDIM, then it shows correctly

but if I use it for another UDIMs then SP shows first normal map for every UDIM

Why it can't be matched correctly like with first workflow? I can't use normal maps for other UDIMs because it shows only first normal map (1001 UDIM). What should  I do? Even if I import every normal map as a single map with a different name, they don't show on my model at all. In previous versions of SP there was no problem.

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Thanks CAGameDEV for the answer, it is not an exact solution to my problem, but thanks to you I tried to change names and when I deleted all UDIM numbers then it started to works. So I can't put UDIM number in my normal map names at all. This is so stupid, because when I use legacy workflow SP should works like previous versions - and all maps import as single maps, not as one pack of all maps - which causes problems because SP can't match them properly. I hope they will fix it. Thank you CAGameDEV.

If you're using Legacy mode just remove the UDIM suffix and import as single maps. Problem solved. I don't know of any other way as you cannot cycle them in Painter as far as I know.
I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)