Author Topic: GLB / GLTF exported from SP Have Black Textures  (Read 1019 times)

Hi everyone,

So I've had a really frustrating issue when trying to export GLB / GLTF files from Painter. The diffuse / base color appears black.

I've attached a screenshot of what the model is supposed to look like, and how it looks when dragged and dropped into an online viewer, and what it looks like when opening in Windows, or when trying to upload to Shopify.

 Any idea why this is happening?


Okay, so just today I figured out a way to get my GLB / GLTF files to be lit after exporting from Painter. After some digging around, I found that the R channel in the exported occlusionRoughnessMetallic PNG file is what controls illumination. Painter exports the channel as black, which means whatever platform used to view the GLB must have it's own environment lighting, otherwise it appears.. well.. black. So, opening my blinn1SG_occlusionRoughnessMetallic.png file in Photoshop and making it a 50% gray seemed to work best for lighting the object.

So the question remains, why does Painter export this texture map with a black R channel? Is it because newer viewers / platforms use their own lighting system by default? Apparently Shopify and the standard Win10 3D Viewer does not.

The Ambient Occlusion is stored in the Red channel of the packed texture saved with the GLTF file.
This map should not be black however if you don't have one in your project (see the Mesh maps). You can try to bake very quickly meanwhile to make sure your Mesh map slot is not empty.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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