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I am unable to import a sbsar material created in designer into painter, instead it appears as a blank material ball and generates the following error [ERR] <EngineProcedural> Failed to decode Substance.
However it appears fine when viewing in either designer and player so it seams to be an issue with Painter

You could be using a feature not yet available in the engine in Painter.
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How can I tell which feature would be causing it? I’ve removing some nodes (mainly the pixel processor) from the sbsar but painter still fails to import the material

All these nodes will throw the error based on your sbs file:


Based on your graph what are these? They only show up at solid grayscale values in the preview. Are these add-on nodes from some where as I don't have your resource folder to check.
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They’re all supposed to be Greyscale input nodes. All of them are connected to opacity slots to blend nodes, so I can have those blend nodes out controlled by textures in painter, rather then just a slider

If I replace them with the proper node it works fine. You should be using Uniform Color - Grayscale then not Input Grayscale nodes for just static values.

If you intend on having a slot that can be used in the material, if you do just make sure you set the default to the black value and you can load in a texture or whatever into that channel slot in Painter.

See below attachement (static example):

If you want to make it work to in Painter just set all the values to black and plug in a texture as per your workflow in Painter.

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I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)

Here is the .sbs for using input / slider values:

Defaults just need to be at black.

I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)

Ahh I see. Thanks for the help!

Ahh I see. Thanks for the help!

I'll check if there is a way around this and post back.  :)
I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)

Based on the documents adding a default value was added in 2020.2 of Designer so it must be too new and Painter doesn't support this yet in the engine is my guess so you're forced to use Black as the default until Painter catches up.
I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)

Ahh, guess the only thing to do is wait until Painter catches up before using default values. Thanks for digging this up!

Next version of Substance Painter will support the new Substance Engine version (V8), right now we only support the V7. This means all the new features listed here are not yet supported:
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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