Author Topic: Iterator (for loop) node for Pixel Processor  (Read 1149 times)


I have been learning a lot about Pixel Processor lately, specially thanks to this guy and the Facebook group he created to share knowledge.

Creating Pixel Processor functions is great, but there is what I think is a major drawback right now: there is no way to make loops. You end up doing what Andrei shows in his header image, repeating the nodes that are supposed to be in the loop as much as you need, which as you might imagine, is cumbersome and far from convenient.

Having a loop node on the Pixel Processor seems possible as we have already something like it in the FX-Map node in case.

The idea could be having something like in Houdini, where you have a node that defines and contains a loop, or having a 'solver' node, that calls for a function.

Whatever is best from your perspective.

In any case, having this would be awesome and I would like to know how to make a request (and hope it is created hahahah).