Author Topic: The problem of getting the output node image  (Read 1468 times)

outputnode=graph.getNodeFromId('1398596698')#this is output node

When I put this piece of code before the connection node,'print(outputnode.getPropertyValue(prop_))' can have a value, but in the paragraph after the connection node, it will display NONE

Hi, I think you are not in the correct forum category.
You posted in the Substance Painter forum and if I understand correctly your issue your are talking about Substance Designer ?

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Make sure that you call graph.compute() before trying to get some node output property value.
If the result of the node is not computed, the result of getPropertyValue() is None.

There is currently a limitation in graph.compute(). It will only compute the nodes that are connected directly or indirectly to output nodes. If the node you are interested in is not needed to compute the graph outputs it will not be computed.

You can create a temporary output node and connect the node you want to compute to it as a workaround.