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Ive started getting an assetion failed crash each time I try and create a shader network from a workflow.  (When pressing the "create shader network" button)

I have tried this on 2 workstation ands happens on both.

See the attached image for the crash error. 

If theres a quick fix, let me know - its such a great feature and use worflows alot.

Many thanks

Hi there, Integrations PM here! Apologies for the delayed reply! We'll log the crash and take a look; could you provide a few more details? Specifically:

- Which version of the Substance in Maya plugin are you using?
- Which the Maya version you are using 2020, 2020.1, 2020.2, 2020.3 or 2020.4?
- Are you able to provide any assets, etc that could help us to replicate?
- Could you provide a bit more details on the steps you take?

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I'm having the same problem. Is there a solution yet?

Same here - is there a fix yet?

There are a few other topics that cover this, it is a conflict arising from the Houdini integration. The workaround for now would be to replace the substance_linker.dll (, libsubstance_linker.dylib) file in the Houdini install with the one from the maya plugin.

The Houdini engine integration in Maya ends up adding its substance binaries to the system path and a conflict happens from that.

There isn't anything we can fix on the maya plugin side, we'll need to work with sidefx to get it fixed on the Houdini side.
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