Author Topic: Source Credits / Access  (Read 181 times)

I'm sure this is answered but haven't been able to find the answer ...

As I understand it, if my subscription expires I still have access to spending any remaining credits. Is there a timeframe for this?

If I have purchased an element, am I able to retrieve it if my subscription is no longer active? Or do I need to ensure I archive the purchased materials?

Im new to Substance and realizing that the C4D integration is very lacking (8bit height maps, invalid source files, etc). If I am outside my active subscription, am I able to adjust settings or output maps of an owned material? Would this be done in the Player app?


Hi, there is no expiration date on your Source materials, you can download them again anytime you want.
You can indeed use the free Substance Player to read Substance files and export bitmaps out of them.