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I'm currently a newbie to Substance Designer, though we need to use it for our university assignment/challenge for baking texture maps. We've been given a high and low poly orc model, a smoothing groups script, and some video tutorials. As far as I'm aware, I've done what was covered in the video for a specific part. There's a small buckle on a gauntlet, and it doesn't seem to be baking very well. The smoothing groups have been applied with the script provided, and they look fine from what I can tell, and I've even tried assigning a new material ID to the gauntlets just to try giving all the parts some more texel density/space. Nothing has helped so far. I've even adjusted the frontal and rear values, and set the Match to 'By mesh name'. Both the low and high have been named correctly as well. I've attached screenshots of what the part looks like with its own material ID/UV grid and without.


Can you send me the two meshes? (in pm if you don't want to share them publicly).
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This thread can be deleted to be honest. I found out, from watching the last video, that an intentional issue was left in the high poly mesh, so that's what was causing it. :)