Author Topic: Doted line vs Solid line.  (Read 2929 times)

What's the difference between doted line and solid line?

I thought its how their relationship are defined. But, in this case if I pick the left blend node and set the alpha channel No and then Yes again, the doted line turns into a solid line. Why would that be?

I've found similar things happen when I toggle the Color mode of the Gradient map. But, this time the doted line changes from doted like to bold sold line.

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A doted line means that changes made before that dotted line were not passed downstream to the next node. It should turn solid as soon as you update that branch of the graph, by double clicking on that second blend for example.

If you create an output at the end of your graph and view the output in the 3D view or 2D view, it will always calculate what is upstream, whenever you make a change.