Author Topic: How to work with tileable Input Bitmap?  (Read 2163 times)

Hello there,

I am newcomer to Substance Alchemist, but so far I am enjoying the software very much.

But I have a problem:
I am using a perfectly seamless Bitmap as Input. It is perfectly tileable, but after using "image to material" (AI) it is not seamless anymore.
I tried to use "tileable advanced" and "tiling" but these can not handle the complex pattern of the input bitmap.
I also tried the equalizer with "input tiled" option checked. But it did not work as well.

Is there any smart way to work with already tileable inputs bitmaps?

Thank you for your help and best regards,


Unfortunately, Image to Material (AI-powered) can break the tiling.

You can use filters like "Tiling" for structured patterns or "Make it tile advanced" for organic materials.

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Hello Baptiste,

thank you for your answer. I found a good workaround: Before importing the image to Substance Alchemist I increased the tiling to 2x2 in Photoshop. This way with the "Tiling"-Layer I could generate a tilable texture with the exact same size than the input image.

Best regards,

Indeed, that is a good workaround.
You can do the same in Alchemist too in fact by using the "Transform" Layer before the "Image to Material (AI Powered)" Layer.
Activate the safe transform option and increase tile parameter to 2.

Hope it helps.

Substance Alchemist Product Manager