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Hi everyone.

I am trying to layer wallpaper over concrete, and I want the wallpaper to "peel off" like in the paint filter. I got it right to assign the wallpaper image to the paint layer, however it applies to the concrete base colour as well. Please refer to the images I have attached. Any advice or assistance would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

In the above image, I have assigned the paint over the concrete backing.

Then, I imported the wallpaper image, and set the output usage as base colour. As you can see, since it has been set to base colour, it affects the concrete as well. Basically, I want to concrete to remain concrete in colour etc, but have the paint peel effect with the wallpaper image.

Hi, here is a quick example to achieve your goal.

1- I create a very basic material for the wallpaper

2- I create a second material for the concrete with the peel effect

3- On the second material, I blend the wallpaper material using the Color ID blend mode.
On the Paint Layer, I copy the color value of the Paint Color parameter of the Paint layer and I paste the value in the Color to sample parameter of the Color ID blend layer.

Hope it helps you!
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Thank you very much!  :)