Author Topic: iRay not working with RTX 3080  (Read 1939 times)

hi there,

I wanted to render some nice images in Painter/iRay - but iRay keeeeepse on "warming up" like forever - screen stays just pitch black, no signs of live ;)

I was trying with latest NVIDIA studio driver as well as "game ready" driver - no way to get iRay to work.... maybe this is an issue your team is already aware of? If not, please investigate and maybe update iRay in Painter!


Still nothing.. I think this software is still supported? Or is support gone, since it is Adobe now?

iRay still not working... please update !!!!

hi, i have the same problem with the rtx 3070.

Still no response or update on this. I think it’s ridiculous for a company to stay this silent. Before Adobe, there was actually support that cares about customers problems. Please fix your stuff!

Toolbar 4 is a concurrent product that has RTX raytracing working already. Do you want us to switch to this ?

Come one, can’t be so hard to tell Iray to work with new RTX cards - I mean they are around like two months or so.

It is not going to convince me to pay for your software in the future (I am a customer since very first Painter version)
Meanwhile there are already at least two very good alternatives out there for 3D painting and I think not giving a sht about
Supporting your paid product will not help you to make customers stay.

Sorry for ranting, but I really upsets me!

Thank you for the link. Ok - it is good to know that you are going to work on this.
So I renewed my license for one more year to get the 2021 release as well.