Author Topic: 3Ds crashes when loading material from library  (Read 1517 times)


I've created a 3Ds max library (.mat file) and saved a material that used a susbstance2 node.
The problem I'm having is that when I try to create a instance of that material, 3Ds max crashes.

  • 3Ds max 2021.2
  • Substance plugin 2.4.0

sbsar file:

Steps to reproduce:
  • Open a 3ds max project
  • Load sbsar file with substance integration (batch import)
  • Substance to a named pbr (metal/rough) material such as gray granite
  • Open a previously created material library such as "my_library.mat"
  • Save the "gray granite" material to the library and save the library
  • Close 3Ds max and open it again with the same project
  • Try to create a copy of the "gray granite" material from the library on the slate material editor

Any idea if that's a workflow problem? Path characters? Or is it really a bug?

Other tasks are also making max crash:
1. Reload a substance; and
2. Bake the textures

Hope someone can help me here.