Author Topic: Can't get high res textures  (Read 353 times)


I am student and started using Substance Painter awhile ago, I tried texturing my character model for uni project and I just can't get high res texture, whatever I try to do I always draw with pixels and when I get close to my model I can cleary see pixelization.

I don't know if my UV map is bad or maybe some settings in Substance are incorrect. Also, I don't know where to post this kind of question as I'm new around here.

I am attaching screenshot from Substance Painter and UV map from Maya. I can also attach my model file.

Looking for some guidance, cause I am really struggling and I really don't know where is the problem.

Thanks in advance.

You'll want to read up on texel density which will solve your problem. Find out how much density you need, and utilize UDIMs if you can while working within the restraints of your project.
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