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i paid nearly 300 gbp for a license which i feel is redundant and i know 300 doesnt seem alot to other but it is to me,this is my hobby how do i now get the new features?

i didnt receive any email saying the maintenance was being phased out.

feel cheated.


Turns out that that there's many of us that never received info about this...

I've now chatted with other people who claim to have never received the warning email.

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We checked our mailing system and it seems that you opted out of any email communication from us back in 2018, at least with the email you are using on the forum. If you subscribed to our newsletter through an email address other than the one associated with your licenses, you would indeed receive our newsletter but not these warnings since they were sent only to email addresses of accounts for which they were relevant.
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I just checked, and there is only 1 email to either receive or not receive and that is the NewsLetter.
If there is another, then why is it hidden from being turned back on ?

****What kind of half arsed nonsense is this ? ****
I couldn't resub to any other email type anyhow as the newsletter is the only choice and the newsletter did not send out the alerts.

I've lost all faith in you guys. *shrug*  .. this is absurdly silly for a business to be this sloppy.

since they were sent only to email addresses of accounts for which they were relevant

..Who decided what was the "relevant criteria" because they failed to do their job properly.

This is not about the money, it's about the principle. 
I'm frustrated as this is just absurdly silly to happen in 2020. ALL people with licenses should have been alerted no matter what.
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Please tell me I have this wrong. I got the rent-to-own option years ago and kept up with the subscription thinking that I could quit at any point and get the last version that I had subscribed to. I knew there was an eventual end date but I thought that was in 2021. I missed any email that stated otherwise. It seems the deadline may have passed a couple of weeks ago. Is there anyway I can still get the perpetual license? (I don't care if it's the most current or not) for Painter and Designer? I hardly use it so I hadn't paid that much attention but after some 40 monthly payments I have invested a huge sum and would like to have a permanent version. I can't continue to afford the $20/month. Please let me know what I must do. thank you

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