Author Topic: Materials with two different normal format parameters  (Read 733 times)

I have observed that each of the following materials from Substance Source has two different normal format parameters, "Normal Blend Format" and "Normal Format":
  • Acajou Wood Varnished
  • Aged Osb Wood
  • Birch Alba Wood Varnished
  • Ebony Reconstituted Wood Varnished
  • Natural Mdf Wood
  • Pine Monterey Wood Varnished
  • Walnut Wood Varnished
It seems that if I go to Edit|Preferences... and set my "Default Normal Map Format" to OpenGL, then when I instance one of the above materials, the "Normal Format" defaults to OpenGL, but the "Normal Blend Format" defaults to DirectX. I am only getting one normal map output, so why are there two separate normal format parameters with different defaults?


We have a "Normal Blend Format" and "Normal Blend Intensity" in order to do some independents adjustements on the filter's normal, for example if you wish to turn down the intensity on the filter only you can do it with the "Normal Blend Intensity".
However, the two normals (the wood one and the filter one) are blended together before the normal output. If you take a look at the graph you can see a "Normal Invert" node before the output, and it will invert the overall normal map. That way you don't need to worry about the actual "Normal Blend Format". The normal output will be correct with the normal format you specified your project to work with.

PO @ Allegorithmic