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I worked for some months in my spare time on this personal 3D project "Space Cadet" a character with anime characteristics, based on a concept of Guillaume Singelin, a French comic artist who has a lot of inspiration from Manga artists like Akira Toriyama(Dragon Ball) and Katsushiro Otomo(Akira). This is the fifth project of the series. The main topic to learn was Substance Designer to make some patterns. I made a guide of the workflow, this includes YouTube videos. Also if you are really interested you can download the clay render for free.

Workflow English:

Space Cadet Final Scene

Holter Monitor

12 Gauge Shotgun Shells

Energy Cartridge

Two-way Radio

Eyes Augmentation

The Process from 2D to 3D - Concept by Guillaume Singelin

Texturing Timelapse

This is amazing! Well done!
I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)

This is amazing! Well done!

Thank you CAGameDEV! Happy to know that you like it!