Author Topic: Generator for SIDING  (Read 2153 times)

I really need a siding generator.
Substance Source has a "Painted Wood Siding" material that comes close, but is dependent on hard-coded wood grain.

I would like to start-off with any material and apply most the of the parameter categories included in "Painted Wood Siding":
- Siding Filter/Material
- Siding Filter
- Technical Parameters

For my own purposes I am attempting to create smooth hardie-board (cementitious siding with paint finish) but as a newbie a generator seems like the fastest path. I imagine a 'Generator for Siding' would have many other uses for the "Plank Parameters":
- Clapboard
- Bevel
- Tongue & Groove
- Shiplap
- Channel Rustic
- Board & Batten