Author Topic: Windows INK vs All sliders/Clicking layers don`t work  (Read 490 times)

This is madness. I can`t scroll sliders anymore with Windows INK on.

With Windows INK on:
Pressure works
BUT SLIDERS and clicking layers on/off just doesn`t work anymore unless I use a mouse. The opacity bar appears, then when I touch it, it goes away. Unless I click it on places so the ticker jumps to it, I can`t click hold and drag to make it go between 0 and 100%. If I try to grab the gizmo and drag it, it just disappears.
The exact same happens in Adobe Photoshop.
The only fix is to use my mouse when dragging layers or sliders, and use tablet when painting.

With Windows INK off:
the sliders, dragging layers, selecting other layers works fine (just as with a mouse) but I have no pressure anymore ...

I have tried last 2 Wacom drivers , I have a Wacom Pro Medium PTH 660 but I have friends with same issue with older Intuos tablets.

This is probably a Windows INK bug but has anyone figured this one out ?

So I found a fix !
With Windows INK on, go under Control Pannel > Ten and Touch > Double-tap settings > Spatial Tolerance has to be set to SMALL aka all the way to the left.

If it`s set towards large, selecting scroll/scrubby bars in Painter/Photoshop isn`t possible.