Author Topic: Painter Crashing-Video Card or Drivers?  (Read 2230 times)

I am using a somewhat unique system: Mac Pro (Early 2007, 2,1 model - to old a system to install latest version of MacOS unless I do a EFI64 emulator) with an AMD 5870 running under Bootcamp in Win 7 Pro.

When I first tried SP, it asked for me to update my drivers. The only ones available that work are specifically under Bootcamp Drivers on AMD's website. The latest Omega drivers do not recognize my hardware and will not install. The display driver version for Bootcamp are 14.3.

I was then able to use SP and created a simple project to try it out. As I was going through the tutorials, I was switching between the supplied sample project and the quick project that I created, through the recent files menu, with a resulting BSOD. (The screen would go black, then show up multiple times before it BSOD'd, similar to the way the display driver stops and recovers). Now whenever I open my quick project, the same things happen. Additionally, I was able to install the 14.11 beta drivers, and instead of SP BSOD'ing on my project, the display driver fails and recovers while SP crashes. I don't know if my quick project is corrupt, or if SP doesn't like my video card (it fits within the range of required hardware, albeit on the lower end). Is it more of a driver issue? In which case, would it be best to get a newer vid card? The best one I could get would be a GTX 750 ti, since I only have a 300W power supply.

Thanks for any input!
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Update: I tried creating a new project, wondering if the original project was corrupted. After quitting SP, then going back to open the project at a later time, the same thing occurs where my vid card driver fails then recovers with SP plus any other open app crashing.
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And here's another update:

I installed MacOS Yosemite using EFIemulation on my MacPro, with no hardware change (same vid card AMD 5870). There is no crashing when I reopen the simple project that I created. I did not use the project on the Windows side because I don't know if they are compatible between OS's, but I created it with the same steps.

I'm curious what anyone thinks about this.

Are you getting any type of error pop ups?

I am running on a PC and getting an OpenGL video driver crash with an error popup when i try to adjust document resolution to 4096 on a certain project.

I did a completely clean driver instal and still getting the same issue so i am pretty sure it's a Painter bug.

No error message within SP since it just freezes when the driver crashes and recovers. I did look within the Windows logs (I forget what the utility is named), but it was a pretty nondescript message. Just an "App crash" logging the time and date. Of course when it BSOD'ed, it did a full memory dump along with a mini dump.