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Hi guys,

I have been wanting to set up a material node network structure where I have different materials in their own sub networks that chain together to form one master material. This way I avoid having a  huge node graph.

An example of this, would be a concrete wall material that I am making. The structure starts with the Rebar inner concrete area, then this network would be the beginning of the follow up network which in this case would be the concrete tiles, then this one will be the start of the subsurface paint, then the paint etc...

The problem I have (at least lately), is the immense amount of time it takes to communicate between these networks.

I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or is this is the nature of this workflow?
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Not sure I understand your question. Substance academy has tutorials on material layering, maybe you can find an answer there.

You can drag and drop subgraphs from the list on the left into any other graph. Just be sure the subgraph has outputs. This way you can have a rather small and tidy master graph.

Also height blend, material blend are useful nodes to blend different material layers.

Not sure if this was helpful or not.


Thank you for your reply!

Yeah I'm aware of all you have mentioned, but so far everything I have found in Substance academy has been relatively basic information for really basic setups.

I'm just finding substance really slow when using subgraphs. This is specially noticeable when I'm connecting directly from the subgraph's outputs. I bypassed this issue by connecting a levels node right after every output, this way I let it cache so that they don't have to load again every time I connect or edit from those.
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