Author Topic: Question about using the Brickwall Pattern to Achieve a Specific Look  (Read 938 times)

Baptiste, I'm trying to achieve a 2-color/2-roughness value brick look (like the attached image) using the Brickwall Pattern in Alchemist.  I feel like this should be fairly easy, but I'm not succeeding.  Is there a way to get this look using the Brickwall Pattern or some other method?  Thanks in advance for your guidance!


You can use the Custom Mask Blend mode and paint out the bricks you want to replace as you can see below.

The workflow is:
1- Create your brickwall
2- Add the second material on top of it
3- Select the Custom Mask Blend mode on top of the stack and click on the brush widget next to the mask input
4- Start painting

Substance Alchemist Product Manager

Thank you so much for your help with this, Baptiste!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend.