Author Topic: Exported Images can see Polygons?  (Read 923 times)

Just noticed due to a low poly model that the exported images show the polygons. Is this meant to happen if so can I turn something on or off?

I used Smooth Shading on the exported mesh and as assumed it works, but hopefully this isn't the only way?

If you're baking a high poly which is smooth onto a faceted low poly then yes you'll see the polygons. An example would be you don't bake a high poly sphere onto a low poly sphere that isn't smooth shaded otherwise your faces will show through after baking normals.
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No Baking. I import my low poly mesh then once I want to export the images in whatever size I notice I can see polygons in the exported images. Is this right?

Can you provide the mesh?
I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)