Author Topic: Very noticeable banding from Position map baked in Substance  (Read 831 times)

I'm getting very noticeable banding while using the Pixel Processor to make rings based on distance (see the attached picture; SBS also attached, without maps). I believe the cause is at the position map -- blurring it slightly removes the banding.

The position map is baked in Substance. I've made sure that it comes in 32 bits and stays as such all the way to output. I've tested subdividing the mesh further prior to baking, but the banding persist. Baking at higher resolutions doesn't help either.

This is a show-stopper for me, as the material I'm creating depends on the baked position. Any input on a way to fix this or work around it? Thanks!

(Using Substance Designer 2020.2.0.)


What file format do you use when baking the map ?
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Hi Nicolas,

I'm using EXR.

I went ahead and tried to bake to TIFF. The banding went away (screenshot attached).

I checked the output files in DJV, and while the TIFF used 32-bit channels, the EXR used 16-bit. I tested a couple of other maps (normal, height) and they also baked to 16-bit as EXR. This would be a bug, wouldn't it? I was expecting Substance Designer to pick 32-bit.

As a workaround, is there a way of telling the baker to use a specific bit depth?


I'd also consider it's a bug, we'll look into it.
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Actually there is an option in the project preference that should fix the problem:

It should certainly be checked by default.
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