Author Topic: Exposing Texture Resolutions from Substance Designer to C4D  (Read 1717 times)

Hi Everyone,

Was wondering if anyone knew why the texture resolution options are not exposed when importing a SBSAR to C4D that I've made in Designer. When I import other SBSAR files from Substance Share, those texture resolution parameters are exposed in the attributes manager in C4D. I cannot manage to expose this feature with my own textures. Anyone know a solution for this?

Thanks so much!

NM. I found the solution in the Substance Documentation. Should have looked there first before posting the question. ::)

If you see the any yellow warning text, lie above, you should probably hit Cancel and attempt to fix this issue. "Non relative to parent x1 outputsize parameter" means that the Graphs' width and height resolution is not dynamic. You're being warned that it won't be possible to generate textures from this package at a resolution of your choosing.

You can fix this specific case by opening the Graph Properties and setting the Inheritance method of the resolution to Relative to parent.