Author Topic: Alchemist 2019.1.1 Crash While Connecting to Local Disk of Source Materials  (Read 5858 times)

Can you try to remove the next file (alphabetical order) after 'seaweed_beach.sbsar' in your linked folder and try to relaunch?

Hello and merci Baptiste!
Truly, one of the sbsar was faulty. Works like a charm now. :D
Should've scrolled down until the end of the log.  ;D


Hello, I am having the same issue but I never got to use any materials, my first instinct was to link it with materials on my pc but I accidently linked it to my local disk C and every single folder on my pc is linked...I cant even manage to open the app successfully it just opens and before the screen loads it says NOT RESPONDING and did not for quite some time before I forced quit the application. I followed the advice on here and deleted everything in the substance alchemist folder under app data but all it did was remove my license and the folders are still linked. Please help :(