Author Topic: UDIMs as mask not working  (Read 2300 times)


I'm relatively new to Substance and I stumbled upon a problem, that I don't seem to be able to fix by myself.
Would be awesome if someone could help me as soon as possible since it is quite urgent.

Usually, when texturing something, I use my baked curvature/AO maps for masking.
Meaning that I create a fill, use my baked map as a mask.
With UDIMs, I can't seem to be able to get that to work properly though.
Substance always only selects one of the baked UDIM textures for all UDIMs.

My baked AO

Adding at as bitmap mask to a black fill layer


One UDIM texture is used on all 3 UDIMs I have instead of Substance using the three correctly baked textures.

Quick help would be super appreciated!

Thanks in advance :)

This happens in any project btw, not model or project-specific.

Since I haven't gotten any answers yet a simpler example here:

Using a fill with baked curvature as mask. As you can see, first udim is correct, rest is using the udim 1 texture instead of the other 5 backed textures.

Project File:

If anyone is able to help please do :)
I really need it


for everyone having the same problem:

You can fix it by dragging the texture by hand into the fill layer of the mask.
It doesn't work with right click -> "bitmap mask" though.