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We are trying to dynamically change shelf paths on Painter's startup (the version of our shelf changes when we update it).
Currently, we have a system that updates windows registry keys and we can add new shelves that way and update paths to the existing ones. We run it from a startup python plugin. The problem is that this happens AFTER the shelves are already loaded and we need to restart substance again to load shelves from the new paths.

Is there a way to add/update a shelf from python API?
Is there a way to tell Painter to reload all shelves after we change the paths?

EDIT: it would be amazing if we could specify an environment variable with a path to a shelf to load.

thank you
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hello, devs.
possible/not possible/being worked on/bug/limitation ?


If you are looking to which functions are exposed or not, you can find it in the integrated doc in the installation of your Substance Painter:

On Windows:

from the UI Help > Documentation > Python API

It is not possible with the last version to manipulate shelves but will come in a next release.

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thank you. this is very good news.
(I'm aware of the documentation)