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Please redirect my question if earlier asked for, but I would need to know about licensing of materials published on Substance Source. I am the only texture artist in our project, so it is a bit much work to create all the textures needed alone.
(If you are interested look for Inexor on github, or visit All content should be open source licensed or CC0/CC BY. So there is no pecuniar benefit.).

Just found the "Terms of use" Site on the Source page, and after a quick look at it I understand it, in the way, that there is no permitted use of the materials. So sadly I think I will have to go for other sources or do it myself.

It has been stated on this forums that you're allowed to use all those materials for commercial use in a sense that you're using them to texture, but not repacking them and distributing them as textures or materials themselves.

For example if you use a concreate and brick material to texture a building, you can sell your mesh with the texture you painted on your mesh as per your UV layout. You just cannot sell the material itself, or rip a seamless version and re-sell them.

See this post:

Here as well:

See section 6.

Always save a copy of these terms and conditions for your records.
I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)

Thx for the answer. That helped a lot.