Author Topic: How Do I Get Substance Source Textures to Work Correctly?  (Read 558 times)


With some textures on Substance Source, there is an alpha component - eg Plastic Perforated Swirl -

But in Substance Painter, the holes are not cut out from the base mesh.

How can I get these types of textures to display and export correctly from Substance Painter? Where do I get the missing alpha from?

Many thanks!

These should have an opacity channel and if you're using the Alpha Blend shader you'll see through the mesh where those holes are. Depending on your export settings you'll have the opacity map either in the alpha of your Base Color, or exported as its own map.
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I just tried with this texture from Substance Source:

No alpha channel came through with export.

When you say "Alpha Blend Shader" - do you mean this:

This shader by the comments has been developed by a third party student and currently is not working properly.

Is this really the only way to get alpha info from Substance?
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