Author Topic: Converting to steam license? And updates?  (Read 1282 times)

Sorry if this was asked before. I searched and couldn't find the answer.
Right now I have the perpetual license through and it expires on 9/2021 and which point I'll stop getting any updates.

I heard we could convert over to the steam license.   

My questions: 

A. If I want to convert, is the deadline the day my perpetual expires?
B. If I do convert to the steam license, are you supporting that version and providing updates?
C. If I do convert to the steam license, do I have to pay to upgrade to the most current version of a substance painter? And how much does that normally cost?


Hi, there is no way to convert a standalone license to a Steam license. Once your perpetual license expires and if you want to keep receiving updates, you should be able to purchase a separate Steam license then.
Steam licenses follow the calendar year, the 2021 version will get you updates all along 2021.