Author Topic: Normal Format materials still DirectX even with OpenGL Project Config set.  (Read 718 times)

I need to export OpenGL normal maps to blender but I just noticed that even after setting my Project Configuration to OpenGL (when creating the project), some materials and other layers keep showing the Normal Format as DirectX.
I have 2 questions:
  • does these materials normal maps with the directX info will be automatically converted to opengl when I export the normal map with the opengl setup in the output templates?
  • do I need to go through all the materials and change them from DirectX to OpenGL to guarantee I won't have any issues with normals?

I hope the Substance team will add an option to set the standard for the whole app, like the option available on Alchemist, if I'm not mistaken.


If your Export Template has the OpenGL Normal map in it, you should be able to export an OpenGL Normal. You can check what kind of Normal you have by going to the Output Templates tab in the Export window, choosing your Template and hovering over the Normal map box - the tooltip should then say what it is.
Valeria Gerontopoulos
Product Designer | 3D Artist

HI Valeria, I appreciate your reply. I know how to export it and how to choose it at the export menu, but my question goes beyond that.

I noticed that even when the project configuration is set to OpenGL and I export a normal map OpenGL, if I don't change it from directX to open gl inside the basic parameters of EACH material I used, it doesn't give me a good result.
I wonder if someone from the substance team can help me and answer me if there's a way for me to not need to change it in every single material I use.