Author Topic: Uploaded assets stay pending approval for too long  (Read 2230 times)


I've uploaded this graph a week ago: — but it is still pending staff approval.

Is there anyone on the other side who is receiving the notifications? In general, what does the process look like? What do you check? Is there a quality gate?

Hi BorisOkunskiy,

The files are checked by members of the Source team, they usually try to work on it once a week to make sure things are moving forward. The asset you uploaded should be checked soon!
We are also working on things to improve the approval process to make it faster.

Things that are checked are:
- does the asset work as expected
- are there IP issues (are there images or logos used which are copywrited)

PO @ Allegorithmic

Great, thank you for your response — and thanks for revealing the details about the approval process, it makes much more sense now.