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i am facing a really odd problem.
I have a model with 3 udims, modeled in Maya and unwrapped in rizomuv, now, i have checked the udims in maya and mari and they both shows correctly, but when i import them in painter i can only paint on single udims, not across all of them and the udim layout shows like a million different tiles, i am attaching some reference image to make it clearer.
Any help would be highly apreciated.

small update, seems like the issue is because i applied different shaders to different parts in order to mask the materials, if i put one single shader the problem is solved, so how can i apply different shaders, but keep the udims?

In Rizom I organize my udims based on the object material, that way each material becomes a texture set, with the correct uv islands for that material.

In my opinion the whole model import interface needs an overhaul. We can't decide if we want to skip a split up into texture sets by material yet. This issue is also discussed by others in various topics, talking about production pipelines where we change shaders or UVs on the fly and always have to be dead certain how you named your shaders when you want to reimport to SP.

So basically what you did is ok, if you want to have more freedom in hiding stuff and outputting into folders, as you can name your outputs $textureset_Diff01.$udim  the only big culprit here is that EACH material will receive its own outputs, there is no UDIM merge of these separated texture sets.

Which makes the whole material assign option senseless to me, except you already split up smart beforehand planing to export in various folders when production pipeline demands this.
So i myself just apply a script beforehand that removes any materials, then i go for the new UDIM workflow. Sure only have a pile of UDIM numbers. If you then have to work on production assets with tons of UV tiles..meh..
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