Author Topic: Clicking/Alt+LMB mask to select the last painted layer.  (Read 83 times)

This is super annoying to accidently paint on the mask and not on the paint layer inside mask.
Whenever user ALT+LMB to see just the mask, this dumb tool also selects the mask. Now if I paint, It goes to mask, NOT THE PAINT LAYER IN MASK.

The solution I like to suggest is this setting in preferences, 'Mask behavior on clicking/ALT+LMB'
Option 1: Select Mask and make it active (current behavior).
Option 2: Make topmost paint layer active.
Option 3: Make last used/worked_on/painted paint layer active.
Option 4: Make bottom most paint layer active.


Make a toggle in preferences to switch b/w these behavior:
1: Current behavior: Selecting/ALT+LMB mask makes it active
2: Suggested behavior: Making it impossible to paint on mask. User can only paint in Paint layers in mask.

I wanted to post this in Feature Request forum but I couldn't find that for substance painter.. Only found this (see image)
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