Author Topic: Will steam license buying get the updates after 2020?  (Read 216 times)

The time for buying maintenance for existing substance users end on 31-10-2020, but it is still available in steam and it is less costly for me as there is no conversion charges from USD to INR in case of steam.

Can you please tell me if the steam version will continue to get updates after 31-10-2020? Can I buy a new steam license and link in substance3d website?

The 2020 versions on Steam will likely not get any more feature updates this year, only bug fixes. The 2021 version will be available for preorder on Steam in a couple of months though.

So if I don't buy the maintenance from the website and buy the 2021 version from steam when it comes out. Could you clarify the following queries:
1. Will it get updates for 1 year as it have been before?
2. Can it be synced in substance3d website license dashboard like before?

1. Yes.
2. Yes.

Will we have to buy the Steam version of 2021 at full price or are there any discounts for upgrading from a lower version - like it would be if we upgrade from the website? (And as I did for some versions...)

There will be a loyalty discount.