Author Topic: SP doesn't realize my WX5100 exists  (Read 95 times)

This is purely a tech issue. SP runs great but it just doesn't see my WX5100. It can see my 960 and CPU, I'd just rather it used the WX to free up the other GPU.

I have switched around monitor connections and even launched SP through the AMD software with no changes. I am able to render on it with Blender without issue. The WX driver is up to date but I fear that running NVIDIA and AMD GPUs may be causing this.

Is there a simple solution?

Which video card is driving Monitor #1?

I had swapped them around while testing and all I got was the beginning alert stating SB was running on the WX. However it still wasn't in the options and there was almost zero change with the WX's performance. The 960 kept doing the heavy hauling.

I'm going to ask a couple of silly questions because every now and again I do this kinda stuff. SP seems to be kinda picky on how it recognizes a gpu.

I'm assuming that you have two monitors and each monitor is is connected to a different gpu, right?

When you say you swapped them around, did you swap which monitor is connected to each card or did you tell windows to swap which monitor (and therefore which gpu) is the Main display?

And just in case, Right-click the desktop, choose Display Settings, at the bottom there is a check box Make this my main display. It will be grayed out with a check mark for which one is designated as the main display and will be unchecked for the display that is Not the main display.

SP seems to want to recognize the gpu related to the Windows Main Display.