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Hi there,
I tried using the Triple Panel Building sbsar in Maya and built a network for Arnold using the substance UI buttons.

It generated a bright green material in the viewport.  I tried to bake it out to see where the green was coming from.  It turns out that its from the emmissive channel's exr image.   I opened the file in Nuke to see it, and its very strange...when zoomed out it looks fine (see pic), and as I zoom in I get these bright green bars all over the image (see pic).

Any workarounds for this problem?



more wtf green on another new substance source material!!!???!?!???
see the rgb values at the bottom of the image.  Whats going on here?  I can't be the only one having this problem

if I export textures out of substance painter on a plane, it seems to work.
I don't see anywhere in the settings for the Maya plugin that allows for bitdepth changes on individual channels.

is there such a thing?