Author Topic: Problem with Normal Map OpengGl format in Substance Painter  (Read 464 times)


I have a following problem:
When I export SBSAR file from Substance Designer with normal map (OpenGl format) and I try to use it as a material in Substance Painter it looks like the normal map is inverted when viewing it in the SP 3d viewer.
I did set normal map format to OpenGl (in Project Configuration) and in the properties window for Material I did change it to OpenGl but still the normal map appears to be inverted in the SP 3d Viewport (switching it to Direct X in material properties makes the normal map appear correct in the 3d viewer).
When I export normal map from SP it comes out inverted but when I go to Output Templates and change the Normal map format in my template to be Normal Direct X instead of OpenGl then the exported normal map looks correct.
I have to say it is a bit confusing so I am just trying to figure out what is going on.
I would appreciate any help to how to solve this problem.

Best regards,
Robert Wilinski

Lead Material Artist
Insomniac Games